Manual therapy &
sports massage

At Theraphylogic we can offer a range of services that include a range of techniques that can be used to ease muscle pain & sports injuries. 

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hands-on techniques

At Therapylogic Physio-Active Clinic Limited our main methods of treatment are mainly hands-on techniques including manipulations, mobilisations and many more. Our treatment techniques are used only after a careful study of history and a thorough assessment of the patient's medical condition.

Range of techniques used

  • Manual therapy including manipulations

  • Mobilisation of joints

  • Mobilisation of soft tissues

  • Myo-fascial release

  • Taping/strapping

  • Ultrasound therapy

  • Electrotherapy
    Including interferential therapy and electro-acupuncture or TENS

  • Acupuncture for pain relief

  • Prescription and/or advice about orthopaedic

  • Home exercises programme

  • Ergonomics advice

  • Home care advice about the condition

  • Education about the condition and condition related counselling

  • Advice about professional input/consultant/specialist care if required.
    We also have a number of clinical specialists in the related fields who we can recommend for you if needs be

  • Further investigations
    We can also refer you for further investigations/scans if required

  • Joint injections
    We can also refer you to one of our partner practitioners

  • Sports massage
    We provide full pre-session and post-session sports massage for muscle aches, thus helping you to prepare for sport and recover after sport. The charges for sports massage are the same as physiotherapy appointments
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Pricing information

Therapylogic Physio-Active Clinic Limited, provides reliable physiotherapy services. Our treatments enhance an individual’s ability to live an active, healthy lifestyle. All our services are affordable and efficient in nature.

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Physiotherapy Session

  • Discounted pricing from £50

    Please phone for details

  • Normal physiotherapy session: £70.00

  • To request an appointment with preferred time : Email us or simply send a text with name, address, email address and your phone number to 07877713843, you can also call us, in case the call is not answered, we will call you back shortly or please send us a text.

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free initial telephone consultation

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Block Bookings

  • £56 Per Session
    More than 10 sessions booked in advance (useful for Chronic ongoing conditions)

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Experienced Physiotherapy appointments
Our highly skilled physiotherapists are equipped with a multitude of skills and will help you recuperate from your medical condition effectively

Medical-legal/corporate appointments
If you wish to enquire about a business link package, send us a referral or enquiry form message by clicking here.

Clinical Specialist/Consultant Therapist appointments
Save money with accurate diagnosis of your problems. Our consultant therapist conduct through investigations and tests. In case you require surgery, our staff will be happy to suggest you a qualified surgeon. Please call us on 07877 713 843 for more information.

Please note that we require your card details before we can confirm an appointment. The card details will be used in case of non-arrival and non-cancellation.

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